High Dump Forage Wagons | Sugar-cane Transport Equipment - STSC00TB25

High Dump Forage Wagons | Sugar-cane Transport Equipment - STSC00TB25

Product Name: High Dump Forage Wagons | Sugar-cane Transport Equipment
Model: STSC00TB25

“High Dump Forage Wagon” equipment (also called “sugar cane transport equipment”, “high lift dump box”, “high lift dump cart” or “side cane carting bins”) is designed as high side tipper unloading system. It can be preferred for transporting various products. For example; sugar-cane, raw cotton, peat moss, any silage harvesting group products, any type bulk cargo and waste products.

- Installation: On truck chassis or other vehicle chassis (Refer to B.2. item of brochure)

- Capacity: 6 tons, optional 8 and 10 tons capacity options

* Equipment capacity depends on design and manufacturing variables

* In capacity selection, the density of the product to be transported and the requested equipment volume should be taken into account

- Material: High-strength sheet metal or optional aluminium (for light weight design)

- Volume: 24,63 m³ (22,88 + 1,75 m³) cubic meters usable volume (when full loaded)

- Width x Length x Height: 3400 x 3530 x 3119 mm (Dimensions of each basket)

- Tipping Mechanism: With 2 hydraulic cylinders (Optional 4)

- Hydraulic Driven: By prime mover (truck/tractor) PTO (power take-off) compatible hydraulic pump

- Control of Baskets: It will be directed by a hydraulic arm (hydraulic directional control valve) and can also be controlled from the cabin

* For more information, please review the brochure, offer and technical drawing of product

Other Details;

- Unless specified externally in the contract, equipment installation on prime mover will be done by the buyer. Installation instruction will be provided by seller

- If assembly is not included; hydraulic pump, oil tank and PTO and all other connections related to the vehicle will be provided by buyer

- Flow divider and similar hydraulic equipment are determined according to the vehicle - equipment combination based on some optional features

- The operating speed of the product depends on the prime mover PTO revolution and hydraulic pump flow rate

* Please contact with us for any information

“High Dump Forage Wagon” | “High Lift Dump Cart / Box” video:



Optional design for trailer or any type truck chassis:

- Trailer combination design (design according to planting area or intended use)

- One or any more basket equipped mechanism for any type truck / prime mover chassis

- Other alternative sugar-cane transport equipment design options for the semi-trailer