BÜYÜKYÜKSEL DAMPER is a semi-trailers, trailers and truck mounted equipments / body manufacturer company that was established in 1989. In addition to semi-trailer, trailer and truck mounted products; we also manufacture moving floor systems, hydraulic unloading platforms and similar ground mounted equipments for the factory like that moving floor, steel bunker, unloading platforms etc... All of our exported products, which we have registered under the brand name SEMITURK, are met with interest in the world. We are working to produce solutions with special approaches for the different needs of almost every region of the world in the logistics and transportation sector.

Buyuk Yuksel Damper ve Hidrolik Mak. San. Ltd. Şti went into action in 1989. Maintains its manufacturing operations accretively at current premises in 2nd Industrial Zone with 12.000 sqm production area afterv being active in Konya organize Private Industrial Zone. We pride ourselves on contributing national economy. In 2005, it was awarded the letter of appreciation by Konya Chamber of Industry for “Foreign Currency Saving Services” and “ Hinh Level Tax Return “ . And we are continuously enhancing quality standards.

Within the company ,all the different variants of semi-trailers dumpers,tanker semi tarilers and lowbeds are being manufacured.

Our products are being operated in 3 continents notablyn in Middle- East. We soon aimed to add new ones to our customers totally in 18 countries as particularly 5 European, 10 Asian and 3 African countries.

Leading company in the sector with its proliferous network…

Our Core Competency:

To have the strategy of following the latest developments in the sector,

To be active in national and international market,

Flexiblity and reliability in our project designs,

Creativity in desing proposals,

Very good experience in manufacturing for heavy duty conditions,

Good communication skils in international business and trade with an intelligent team,

To make supplementary co-operations with different manufacturers,

To engage with supplementary manufacturers on procurement of qualified and affordable priced goods.

Projects and R&D Operations;

As well as manufacturing standard products in the sector, our firm also works on Project-basis. Within this scope we successfully realized an R&D Project supported by TUBİTAK-TEYDEB for a BOTTOM HOPPER TYPE SEMİ-TRAILER SET with aluminum bunker and made the sales commitment of this product with a foreing company.

With performing the R&D operations, a hydraulic streering lowbed with hydraulic suspension and hydraulically moving goose-neck was manufactured and exported. The R&D operations for hydraulic motion modular semi-trailers are still in progress.

Furthermore, a “mobile cinema “/ “training vehicle” semitrailer-especially demanded by public institutions-was designed by our staff and was delivered.

A vehicle to be used for military purposes was successfully finished and delivered to Roketsan Missiles Industries of which we can not give any information because of a confidentiality agreement and new productswill be realized due to the corporation’s needs. Also, 7 pcs mobile traffic control station semi-trailer with living rooms were delivered to General Directorate of Security to be used in hing-ways.

We have our registered Trademark; SEMİTÜRK

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Certified

Vehicle Type Approval Certificates

CE Certificate

Active in Konya 2.Organized Industrial Zone with 12,000sqm production area

Internataional Contracts with Suppliers / Clients such as:

Mercedes Germany (Bodywork Aggreement)

Massey Ferguson

Bertling Logistics





John Deere


Our vision ; Is to be one of the market leaders with its brand recogniton in semi-trailer and transportation business.

Our mission ; Is to be your solution partner in accordance with your request by serving our products on time with an optimal price,without making any concessions on our quality.