Mobile Cancer Screening Vehicle | Mammography Semi-Trailer - STKK30AA03

Mobile Cancer Screening Vehicle | Mammography Semi-Trailer - STKK30AA03

Product Name: Mobile Cancer Screening Vehicle | Mammography Semi-Trailer
Model: STKK30AA03

Mammography semi trailer (mobile cancer screening vehicle / truck) is designed according to special usages, but our standard product consists of 6 main parts.

These sections are listed as patient record room, mammography screening room, toilet and bath, rest room and examination room. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, each wall of the mammography chamber is produced with lead-coated. Request information on digital mammography device specifications.

It is equipped with a control panel which is programmed with an automation system and a working area for the preliminary examination and diagnosis of mammography.

10 kva ups and 13 kva single-phase diesel generator is used as an optional equipment compatible with the mammography device. These features can be optionally changed if the power is supplied from outside.

The single side of the trailer is equipped with stairs and aluminum railings. Disabled ramp is installed for wheelchair patients.

Air conditioners with cooling and heating capacity of 12.000 BTU have been added to provide sufficient heat in the rooms of the trailer.

All doors with locking, automatic hydraulic system, air curtain system, sunshade and durable.

There is a WC and sink in the trailer. In addition to this equipment, there is a clean and dirty water tank designed with chrome against corrosion. The bathroom area is also preferably added and hot water can be offered. The capacity of the chrome tank is directly proportional to its capacity. Reverse osmosis water purifier can be used if desired.

The trailer can optionally be equipped with awning, coffee and tea maker, fire alarm, mini refrigerator, internal electric and lighting fixture, floor PVC coating and so on. Many hardware can be added and assembled by us. The project is comprehensive and can be changed in line with usage and preferential demands.

Please contact us for semi trailer specifications and internal equipment details.