High Voltage Cable Test System Semi Trailer - ST-ENG-HVC2

High Voltage Cable Test System Semi Trailer - ST-ENG-HVC2

Product Name: High Voltage Cable Test System Semi Trailer
Model: ST-ENG-HVC2

Semi-trailer is designed to carry high voltage cable test equipment. It is a combination of curtainsider (tarpaulin) semi-trailer with speed curtain from the floor. It is a special-purpose product produced for the mobile semi-trailer needs of energy companies.

A cabin (metal container) has been added to the front of the trailer for the operator. Operator can control the cable test equipments from the operator's cabin via the user screen.

Operator's cabin (metal container) is thermally insulated against hot and cold weather conditions and has 9,000 BTU air conditioning. The front and rear entrances of the cabin are equipped with aluminum sliding doors. A portable aluminum ladder is used for access from the front side (tow-truck side) of the trailer.

The curtainsider (sliding tarpaulin) system of the trailer is sliding over the chassis of the trailer (from the trailer floor). In case the sliding tarpaulin is required to be closed urgently against precipitation or other external effects during operation; The sliding mechanism hardware has a 40 cm raiseable mechanism. Thus, it is aimed to protect the equipment against precipitation during use.

Sub-chassis connections are reinforced for placement of cable testing equipment. Connection slots are designed on the chassis and better fixation is ensured with load fastening rings.